Abundance In August

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird below my arbor that’s covered with native Coral Honeysuckle.

I bought a mirrorless camera which will allow me to take much better photos from now on. I love it! This photo shows what it can do.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on native Boneset

The frog pond has been a huge success! It started with one frog, then two, then dozens of tadpoles, and now I have at least four or five adult frogs who stay in the pond all the time! I love my froggies!

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on native Black Eyed Susans

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail enjoying native Cup Plant while Sheldon looks out for squirrels

Bird Food!! Aka: Fall webworms that will become moths, if they survive.

Native Joe Pye Weed

Native Great Blue Lobelia

Purple Verbena self seeded last summer and returned this year

Native New York Ironweed towers above the other plants at about 8 feet tall

I call these Elizabeth’s Flowers because they bloom right around my daughter’s birthday every year on our street. They’re actually native Woodland Sunflowers. Last fall I collected seeds and scattered them in my garden. Now I have a plant in my garden!

Snapdragons and Marigolds

The Cosmos is still blooming well. I am going to let them go to seed. Hopefully I’ll have them again next year.

The native Pickerel Weed in my frog pond is blooming now!

Native Autumn Joy Sedum is getting ready to bloom

Queen Red Lime Zinnia

White Zinnia

I have a lot of Zinnias in my garden that must have self seeded from last year because I only planted seeds in pots this spring.

Some plants are slowing down. I plan to let most of them go to seed, like these native Purple Coneflowers. I hear goldfinches love the seeds.

This sunflower was planted by the birds. So I am leaving the seeds for them to eat again. Maybe they will plant more sunflowers for me next year too.

Another native Sunflower that’s going to seed soon.

If you look closely you’ll see the first tiny berries on my native Beautyberry shrub. Eventually these berries will change to a beautiful purple color and will feed the birds.

My native Spikenard also has little berries for the birds.

My 5-gallon bucket veggie garden was a bust. They get about 7 hours of sun, but it just isn’t enough. So far I’ve gotten two Cherokee Purple tomatoes (one from each plant), a few Brandywine tomatoes (from two plants), and one Virginia Sweets tomato (from one plant). None of the large tomatoes are ripe yet.

But my Sungold cherry tomatoes have been much more productive! I may plant a few of these again next year. So far I’ve gotten enough for two salads…

The Sungolds are amazingly DELICIOUS! I’ve never tasted a cherry tomato that I actually liked, until now.

This cucumber plant that self seeded from some of my compost has only produced these big flowers. No fruit yet…

My garden got so overgrown this month that I had to clean it out significantly last week. Which feels like a huge success because I remember how anxious I was in the spring to see everything grow up and fill in. Now I cannot even walk through the pollinator garden!

I am always shocked by the humidity in August. It makes it hard to breathe sometimes with asthma. And I sweat profusely after just a few minutes outside, even in the early morning. I do not know how people work outside in it all day. Yuck. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m ready for September and Fall!


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