June In My Garden

I planted my first Purple Coneflowers last Fall, so I was very excited when they started blooming this month, as were lots of native bees! One lesson I learned is not to smell them. When my nose bumped into that cone it surprised me how hard the cone was.

The Orange Matrix Asiatic Lillies were gorgeous!

The Stella D’Oro Daylillies bloomed non-stop for a few weeks.

The Scarlet Runner Beans started blooming.

I planted tubers for this pretty pink astilbe over a year ago and it finally bloomed.

My ‘Jet Stream’ Oak Leaf Hydrangea has such pretty white blooms right now.

I have baby Sungold Cherry Tomatoes growing! No fruits on my other five tomato plants yet though. Tomato plants smell like summer!

Lantana is so pretty with ‘Goldilocks’ Creeping Jenny.

I was very happy when the Common Milkweed bloomed. So Pretty! Hopefully some Monarch Butterflies will find it and lay eggs on it. They only lay eggs on milkweed. It’s very important to plant it because Monarch numbers are decreasing dramatically due to herbicides and development, which have destroyed so much milkweed all over North America.

I added some more native plants to my garden this month. This is Cup Plant. The leaves form little cups where they join the stem. These little cups hold water for insects and birds to drink. Later in the summer it will have very tall yellow flowers as well.

On the left is Hardy Geranium, a great native ground cover with purple blooms that is great for butterflies and pollinators. On the right is a short native grass, Little Bluestem. Small birds love the seeds it produces in winter.

Another native, Panicgrass, is a tough prairie plant that provides food and cover for wildlife.

Seversl pollinator plants in pots in front of natives: Chokecherry, Cup Plant, and Coral Honeysuckle climbing my arbor.

My pollinator/butterfly garden has perennials in the ground and annuals in pots.

The part-sun garden includes lots of native shrubs, perennials and groundcovers.

Banana Cream Daisies have yellow double-petals when they first open, then they fade to white.

Butterfly Weed is another type of Milkweed for Monarchs. I love the little orange flowers!

My Globemaster Alliums are still standing proud even though the blooms have dried. They are so cool!

After the Purple Coneflowers bloomed the Agastache soon bloomed as well. I bought the Agastache last summer at a garden center because it was covered in bees! 🐝 A great plant for pollinators. Today I watched a bumble bee stick her whole head into each little purple flower.

I love the Purple Coneflowers and Agastache blooms next to each other!

Here’s a tiny orange bee collecting pollen and nectar from the Agastache.

I bought a few of these French Marigolds from the clearance rack at Lowe’s for a buck each. I guess they were marked down because they hadn’t bloomed yet. Their loss is my gain! This little bee agrees with me that thes blooms were worth the wait.

I love Marigolds because they remind me of my grandmother, who helped us plant marigolds from seed in our backyard when I was a little girl. Their scent always makes me smile.

These pink Snapdragons are so pretty!

This week my native Garden Phlox started blooming.

This is a shade pot I put together with Caladium and a few different types of Coleus.

This week my Monkey Flower started blooming. It’s taller than I expected and the flowers are very cute. They are supposed to look like little monkey faces. 🐒 I’m not sure about that…

I was very excited to see a hummingbird drinking nectar from the flowers a couple days ago. I didn’t know they were good for hummingbirds.

My little ‘Sunsation’ Sunflower has been blooming all month and it looks cute next to the yellow French Marigolds.

This is the sad news about June… Way too much rain. My garden looked like this several times this month. We got more than twice the average amount of rainfall this month.

I had to buy some organic copper fungicide spray to use on several plants that have shown signs of rust and other fungal diseases. But I’m doing all I can to keep them healthy and save them.

I had to replant more Scarlet Runner Bean seeds because the whole plant started dying almost overnight from fungus. The new plants are up now and they look very healthy.

So hopefully the excess rain will hold off for a while…

I am excited to see my garden in July!


2 thoughts on “June In My Garden

  1. Marigolds remind me of my Nana too and the Snapdragon. Your garden is looking wonderful and full of nice things for the wildlife to enjoy.


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