May In The Garden… It ain’t so bad.

All month I have felt disappointed in my garden. I didn’t think it had many flowers in May. But looking at all these photos I now realize how wrong I was… May was full of blooms and some cool new plants!

‘Globemaster’ Alliums look like they came out of a Dr. Suess book. And Sheldon looks so handsome, as always.

In the beginning of May my Clematis burst into bloom almost overnight!

‘Fireworks’ Clematis is so pretty!

Native Columbine blooms didn’t last long, but I think I saw a hummingbird visiting them. They’re adorable!

This Spiderwort plant was a gift from Gail, from her sister’s (Linda’s) garden. It has tripled in size in a month! Each morning it is covered in purple-blue flowers that seem to glow. But they are gone by evening… Only to be replaced the next morning by more blooms. The bumblebees like it too.

My native Spicebush bloomed in May. They are supposed to smell spicy but mine didn’t have much scent… I am hoping to attract Spicebush Swallowtail Butterflies who use it as their host plant.

Stella D’oro Daylilies just started blooming. It is becoming surrounded by native Scarlett Bee Balm. This week I planted ‘Phenomenal’ Lavender behind the Daylilies (it replaced the English Lavender that bit the dust after the miserably cold winter).

Last week my daughter and I were excited to find this huge Luna Moth hugging my Day Lily. We found a couple last year too. Their host plant is the Sweetgum Tree, which we have in our yard.

Little Virginia Sweetspire is an adorable native plant!

‘Jet Stream’ Oakleaf Hydrangea is starting to bloom. They start off white and gradually fade to pink then brown, staying on the plant all summer and into fall.

I transplanted this native Maidenhair Fern from my backyard into my shade garden. It is super happy here. It took the place of one of my Japanese Painted Ferns that died last summer. Toads like Maidenhair Ferns because they grow low to the ground, providing cover and protection. I LOVE my little toads! So I hope they like it!

I added Forget Me Nots again this year. Hopefully the dogs won’t kill it this year by peeing on it again. Haha!

Japanese Spikenard obviously is not native to Virginia. But it glows, lighting up my shade garden beautifully. I have a native Spikenard in another part of my garden, for good measure.

I love the bunny that Jill gave me as a birthday gift! He is so cute in front of the native Yarrow. He is waiting for the ‘Banana Cream’ Daisy to bloom.

I absolutely love the violet colors of African Blue Basil and native Hairy Beardtongue next to each other. I didn’t even plan it that way. The bees love this basil so I added it again for them.

‘Arizona Sun’ Blanket Flower is so pretty and I hear butterflies love it. So of course I had to buy it!

I bought a drill with my birthday Lowe’s cards and drilled holes into the old wheelbarrow.

I filled my wheelbarrow planter with Snapdragons, Spearmint, Chocolate Mint, Morning Glories and Petunias. It’s really cute!

My new flamingo likes the Butterfly Weed. He is watching to see if butterflies will lay eggs on it.

My daughter is now really into succulents after seeing the ones Gail bought for me. So she bought a Panda Plant (on the left) online for herself and named him “Leopold”!

I am hoping these Cosmos, Bachelor Buttons, Poppies and Dill seedlings will eventually reseed themselves next year.

I planted seeds for this Scarlet Runner Bean at the same time as the little seedlings above. When I heard how much hummingbirds love the flowers I had to try growing it. This thing is a monster! It is growing like crazy. I found an old tomato cage for it to climb. It’s already up to the top!

Native Lanceleaf Coreopsis is so much prettier in real life than in photos. The blooms are big! They glow like little suns. I planted native Common Milkweed and native Joe Pye Weed behind it.

‘Bordeaux’ Petunia is gorgeous.

How cool is this ‘Night Sky’ Petunia?

Last year I swore no more petunias. But I couldn’t resist these fairly new varieties.

Sweet Alyssum is great for attracting beneficial insects.

‘Maters in buckets! Virginia Sweets, Sungold, Brandywine and Cherokee Purple! I can’t wait to taste all of these heirlooms. I hope I can keep the squirrels and deer away… I am buying animal repellent spray next week. Wish me luck!

I filled my herb planter with Rosemary, Chives, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Creeping Thyme, Sweet Basil and Purple Basil. Some of these are perennials so hopefully I won’t have to buy them again.

A beautiful red hanging basket filled with Geranium and Salvia outside my daughter’s window (can you guess her favorite color)? I saw a hummingbird sipping from them yesterday.

These gorgeous Gerbera Daisies that I bought at Wegmans came with a sachet filled with beneficial insects. How cool is that!? If you see plants with these sachets, please buy them, and thank the store for selling them. They are a wonderful way to prevent the bad bugs. Unfortunately a lot of stores refuse to sell plants with these sachets, because they think that we dumb consumers won’t want to buy plants with bugs in them. Hello Big Box Stores! We aren’t as dumb as you think we are…

Life Began In a Garden… Very True. I love this stepping stone that my beautiful sister gave me!

On to June…


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