My Garden Is Waking Up

Buh Bye Winter! Hasta la Vista, Baby!

I started cleaning the leaves out of my garden today and was so excited to find new growth everywhere!

I was amazed to see these adorable Autumn Joy Sedum babies hidden below a layer of leaves!

The irises I bought from a lady on Craigslist last fall are coming up nicely! I can’t wait to see what colors the blooms are!

Orange Daylilies I also bought from Craigslist in the fall.

The garlic chives are wide awake!

I was worried whether any of my plants would survive the extremely cold winter. I was especially worried about this one. But Endless Summer Hydrangea is coming back to life too!

The Elderberry shrub I planted in the Fall has some new baby leaves growing on it!

I moved these two Bleeding Hearts to a new location in the Fall. I am so excited to see that they survived the move… And the butter cold winter!


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