Spring really IS coming, y’all!

It has been such a cold and miserable winter for me. In more ways than one… As a brand new gardener, I cannot WAIT for spring! Today I finally saw my first-ever baby daffodils emerging from my garden! It feels like a miracle! I am so excited!


4 thoughts on “Spring really IS coming, y’all!

  1. Hmmm… I have not noticed any daffidols coming up yet here. I uncovered the Hosta a bit to see if they were sprouting and they are. 🙂 I covered them back up, though. I have been a gardener for many years and am always anxious for spring. We had some very cold temps here this winter, too. Colder than it has been for many years. I planted several new perennials last spring and I am anxious to see if they return. Thanks for sharing the photo!

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  2. It’s still too early for Daffodils or Tulips but we should be seeing crocus soon. I never get tired of seeing that first pop of color through the snow or the mud. Beautiful break from the grey of the end of the winter.


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