My first garden… favorite pics from the first season


This spring I caught the gardening bug BIG TIME! I quickly became interested in learning more… and it completely snowballed into a full time obsession!

In March 2017 the only plant in front of our house was a butterfly bush that I planted a few years ago.

Today I have over 100 plants! And I have plans to add many more. I know… I have gone over the edge here in Louisa. Crazy Plant Lady. That’s me.

First I wanted to create a monarch waystation. Which led to… bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, a frog habitat, a wildlife habitat, organic gardening, perennials, shrubs, annuals, hanging plants, a shade garden, herbs, trees, and I am currently obsessed with native plants.

I have put so much work into my garden. Our soil is hard clay with a little top soil that is choked with weeds. We do not have any large gardening equipment. I do not even have a wheelbarrow (yet).

So using a shovel and a 5-gallon bucket, I pulled out all of the bad clay and replaced it with top soil mixed with compost for each individual plant. But the work never bothers me, because I am so excited to see the plants in the dirt. I am highly motivated to do the work.

I hope you enjoy photos of my garden. I will be sharing more as time goes on.


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